“Bakker has been praised by fans and critics around the world for his thoughtful, complex and meticulously detailed world, his colorful and credible characters, and his deviously intriguing, action-packed plotting.”

–Globe and Mail

“A fine example of the new anti-epic fiction at its best . . . This is one of the more brilliant pieces of writing that you’re liable to read for a long time.”

–Seattle Post-Intelligencer



“Even without the benefit–or would that be hindrance–of total recall, this is a book I’ll remember for a long time. And enjoyable as it was, when the details fade I look forward to rereading and loving it again.”

–Bob Fingerman, award-winning author of Bottom Feeder and Pariah

“Beautifully viscious and painfully, darkly human, Bakker’s Disciple of the Dog is the kind of book that makes a lot of other noir look like it was written by Sunday School teachers.”

–Brian Evenson, award-winning author of Last Days



“A journey unlike any other you have experienced. Part Dante’s Inferno and part Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, this is fantasy literature like you’ve never read before.”


“In a very short time, author R. Scott Bakker has proven that he is well on his way to building a universe that is arguably comparable with those created by the likes of Frank Herbert (Dune) and Isaac Asimov (Foundation). What Bakker does that his contemporaries do not and that those SFF luminaries did was completely imagine — from the ground up — a universe so satisfyingly detailed you felt as though you could slip inside.”

–January Magazine



“A gripping, occasionally queasy thriller that’s part slasher fiction, part neuroscience primer. Enough twists and reversals to keep our brains working overtime right to the end. Bakker proves that real, hard science is bigger, better and a whole lot scarier than anything our imaginations can come up with.”

— SFX Magazine

“has all the nastiness of the current fashion for gruesome thrillers, one very good late plot twist, and – what gives it a kind of sf sensibility – intelligent debates about the nature of consciousness, autonomy, identity, desire and the degree to which the mind is no more than a manipulating machine. T H Huxley meets torture porn.”

— The Telegraph



“The Thousandfold Thought stands as a sterling conclusion to the Prince of Nothing series, a work that sets it author apart as one of the finest fantasists writing today. It is a profound and massive achievement, a work of both narrative and philosophical imaginative sweep.”

–Edmonton Journal

“R. Scott Bakker’s Prince of Nothing high fantasy trilogy rolls to a rousing conclusion in this full-bodied volume. The Thousandfold Thought brings to fruition what has been prophesied, but this truly epic novel also contains stunning, completely unexpected reversals. Mythos, magic, and action.”

–Barnes and Noble



“The Holy War fomented… in The Darkness That Comes Before, the critically acclaimed first book in the epic fantasy trilogy by Canadian author Bakker, explodes in this compelling sequel… The all-to-human tale of love, hatred and justice… keeps the pages turning… A daringly unconventional series in the Tolkien mould.”

— Publisher’s Weekly

“There are powerful echoes of Byzantine politics and Crusader fanaticism… and the battle scenes work at an almost visceral level. The Warrior-Prophet… leaves most of the competition trailing.”

–The Guardian



Canadian author Bakker’s impressive, challenging debut, the first of a trilogy, should please those weary of formulaic epic fantasy. Bakker’s utterly foreign world, Eärwa, is as complex as that of Tolkien, to whom he is, arguably, a worthier successor than such established names as David Eddings and Stephen Donaldson.

— Publishers Weekly

“Intelligent” is a term trotted out so often by publishers that it has become almost worthless – which is hard for the likes of Bakker, whose [The Darkness That Comes Before] truly is intelligent, and original, and all those other overused words.

— The Guardian